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the red geek
18 October 2012 @ 12:17 pm
I am not missing/smuggled/anything along that line
I just have not been updating.
And now with instant photoblogging app: INSTAGRAM,
I spend almost every day there.
Skips the hassle of uploading photo onto some photo host website
then finally blogging.
But yes, every post here have some mark in my life.
Whether it leaves scars or not,
memories are what makes me, me.

Just so you know,
I am boyfigure's wife now.
I am, Mrs Aman.
Established since 17 June 2012

ps: I will try not to have my next post as the next baby announcement ok?

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the red geek
19 August 2011 @ 04:09 pm
haters cannot be kept at ease.
and lets just say they speak their mind.

not because i fear you, nor myself (for putting myself at risk)
but because i respect that one man who showed his concern over this issue.

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the red geek
10 August 2011 @ 07:52 pm
already August
and my livejournal is like stuck in a time zone.
what was my last entry and where did i last leave.
what was my promise (which i stink-ly never kept) and where am i going with this entry.

im in a dilemma whether to keep / abandon / delete this journal.
age, time and other factors are keeping up on me.
but i really want my children to read my rantings.
my love life.
livejournal used to be the only other thing i speak to who understand without understanding

progress from where i last left
im good from all that bitchy-ness
so apparently she shared her "sorrows" with the superior
about how she treasure the friendship and all
(but yet delete me from Facebook? babe your totally living up your race)
and the superior approached me, talked and want me to resolve the complicated matter.
its all about ego here.
how can you tell the superior "you do not know why i react or behave in such manner"?
i mean you are THAT oblivious?
how do i even try to make matters right when you principle is not straight either?
like THANK YOU GOD for my new work bestie.
we go crazy together, we break all rules together

August is a truly awesome month!
1 August: Fiance birthday
3 August: Babats sher birthday
8 August: 1 year being engaged
10 August: Mother's birthday
12 August Hazwan birthday
25 August Hamzah Birthday
totally blessed!
and to top it all up,
fiance has stop schooling part time and worked full time
his savings is building up good.
dreams of marrying this man is indeed possible.

so how?
delete or not to delete?
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the red geek
12 May 2011 @ 08:53 am
because the bride and groom are our friends,
common friends
so the party was a separate yet awesome affair.
we spent a hell lot
on food at nana thai at far east plaza,
and sex toys and gizmos
on clubbing and drinks at attica
(first time there. awesome experience)
on supper and taxi ride home.
but it was hell good and sweet
the fact that we tried to suprise the bride.

and now they are happily married.
ill post up their wedding photos soon!

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the red geek
29 April 2011 @ 09:16 am
2nd year running and i loved it.
getting to see students in home clothes,
put them to sleep
tire the shit out of myself
and play with them is anything better than out of the ordinary textbook context.
i was made station master to one of the lov element obstacle course
and indeed i got darker out of it.
but its interesting to see the noisy ones in the class
are the chickens on air.
literally the phased out even before attempting to climb the high element.
then we had campfire night with a not-so-real-fire
sing songs,
eat super lousy food.
but hey,
for the fun of it all, why not?


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the red geek
27 April 2011 @ 11:32 am
ok new air.
right, so just the other day
(as you can see im trying to clear old post because i mentioned i didnt want anymore back-dated post right?)
we have a mini tournament from the staff welfare committee.
we played bowling and monopoly deal
at the civil service club at tessesonh road
(near farrer park mrt)

so proud to be able to organize and given the opportunity to teach some staffs play monopoly deal
and till now they are addicted.
every now and then some of them play a round or two.
not alot of pictures since i was busy
but good memories.


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the red geek
25 April 2011 @ 09:49 am
ok bitch up.
today i totally messed that woman's monday.
simple relief also cannot do
and you have high dreams of becoming a teacher.
talk about others self worth, whats your babe?
she didnt even go for her relief,
and so happen the kids looked for me (even children want me)
8.30-9.00 no teacher and when i came in it was already 9am
and she strolled in like she some principal.
for kidding!?

oh well, i intercomed the general,
just to make a big who-har out of it. hope she gets into trouble.
this is for effing up my life when i covered up for you so much.
now no cover for you.

now sports day (amazing how i can redirect things. :P)
i was yellow house cheer teacher and the day after i totally lost my voice.
with camo on our faces, like as though we are soldiers ready to fight.
let pictures do the talking again.

now that i think of it,
my entries are always backdated,
i feel sad that if i were to re read my journal again,
i wont be able to recall exactly when it happen in my life.
so lets make sure i dont do anymore backdate entries ok?

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the red geek
24 April 2011 @ 11:18 pm
hey hey hey!
im back in Singapore from the R&R in Batam Island.
for $68 per pax and you get not so awesome seafood,
a a-ok hotel at Golden View
and sorta red light district which offer extra service for a massage,
it is definitely an experience, not a steal but yes
good money for the price.
thank you to Deal.com.sg

ill post batam picture once its ready,
now its pictures during one of the primary 4 learning journey to jacob ballas garden
(if you asked its a children botanic garden only kids can enter. adults have to enter with children)
i see you tomorrow with batam post and photos or maybe more.
till then

Current Mood: tiredtired
the red geek
22 April 2011 @ 03:11 pm
looks like i have to edit another 150 pictures odd to suit this size (earlier post)
dammit. well, please wait for another decent entry.
boyfigure and myself wont be in Singapore over the weekend.
another batam not so fast massage, food and R&R trip.
yes yes yes,
ill definitely take pictures and will definitely update.
love you www.
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the red geek
22 April 2011 @ 03:08 pm
like how you got the word fishing (an act to fish)
prawning is an act to prawn.
well we tried.
$30 for 3 hours at Jurong Hill (near Jurong Bird Park)
from 10pm all the way to 1am
after which we did try fishing without a bait.
$5 per bait and you can fish as many till your rod or the line breaks.
we spend a hell some of money but only brought home 9 prawns by 3 unsuccessful fisher-man

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